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How to Be Invested in Relationships to Grow Your Strength to Stand

You need to be invested in relationships because we are designed to be in relationships. We are not called to journey alone. Are you invested in others? The key to being invested is to be intentional.

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January 23 , 2020

Moment of HOPE

Are you invested in relationships or are you dabbling in connections? Liking a post, sharing a post, even dropping an emoji or a gif in a post – that’s dabbling. Saying hi at an event or while passing in the local grocery store – that’s dabbling.

You have to take action in a purposeful way for it to be in an investment.

You need to be invested in relationships because everything, and I do mean everything, revolves around relationships.

I listened to someone complain because a person she considered a friend had not called her when she came to town. Upon review, it became apparent that she hadn’t been invested in the relationship with her friend. She hadn’t called. She hadn’t written. She hadn’t made an effort to go visit.

Now the reasons behind her “hadn’t” choices were rock solid: work, lack of finances, family responsibilities. But reasons won’t build relationships. Instead, those very reasons seek to suffocate relationships – because we are so much stronger together and if the world (or the reasons or the enemy) can keep us from connecting and growing together then we will remain weaker than we could be otherwise.

I watched my friend work through her process and it pushed me to look at my life. How often did I complain because someone didn’t do what I expected them to do – only I wasn’t invested in the relationship before my need showed up.

This year, as I was working through the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination process, I made the goal of being intentionally invested in relationships. I had every intention of making others the priority.

Reasons showed up – and they showed up by the boatload.

I dabbled in investment, but I didn’t really get intentional.

Last night, as I was enjoying three twitter chats (all at the same time – because multi-tasking is fun and stretches my focus) I intentionally commented on what others were say. I had conversations. I engaged.

Wow! What a difference it made. And it was simple. It was a few keystrokes more than I would have done had I simply liked or shared.

Conversations are a great way to get invested in relationships.

Get Invested in Relationships

The more you talk with someone the more you get to know someone and the stronger the relationship is allowed to grow. Conversations can be in person, online, through the mail, or through messages. It’s back and forth engagement that comforts, strengths, encourages, and helps.

  • If you see something you like on social media, take a moment to comment. Say why you like it. Ask a question. Share a personal story. Don’t steal the thread, but do enhance the thread.
  • Make engagement a priority. If we are honest, most of us are going to spend a few of our minutes each day on social media. What if you added the challenge of having an engagement with two people during your social media time (and remember a conversation is back and forth engagement). How would that change your social media encounters?
  • Reach out first. You don’t have to wait for someone to post to reach out and have a conversation. When you see something someone else might enjoy, share it with a tag to that person and a question. Or, take the conversation to the next level and reach out in a private message, and email, or (gasp) snail mail.

You are designed to be in relationships, but relationships will not happen to you. Like any seed, relationships have to be planted, nurtured, and fed.

Make the choice to be invested in relationships and you will be stronger for the investment.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

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Intentional Investment

Make a comment – invested in lifting the other.
Make a call – to say hi.
Make time to write – to offer encouragement.

Make it about the other person and you will be intentionally investing in the relationship with that person.

Quote of the Day

“Relationships are what drive the world.” – Kathryn Lang

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What Others Say

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 19 – 21
2 Samuel 17 – 20
Ecclesiastes 4 – 6
Jeremiah 23 – 26
Psalm 113 – 118

Scripture Focus:

“Two is better than one because they have a good reward in their labor.” – from Ecclesiastes 4:9

Ponder Point:

We are stronger together. We do more when we work together. We are designed to be in relationships because together we help each other get to our unique destination.

Share Moment:

How are you investing in relationships?

Study Question

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