Confirmed Top Tips for Growing Relationships

Relationships drive the world. Who you know matters more than what you know because you can learn the what. The more that I invest in relationships, the more opportunities I will discover and the more doors I will be in a position to open.

Growing relationships holds the key.

Growing relationships holds the key. Click To Tweet

It starts with the unique me. Recognizing the elements, gifts, qualities, traits, abilities and all of the other ingredients that have found their way into this vessel and make up me – recognizing these will allow me to begin the journey to building relationships with others.

Ike Pigott spoke at Y’all Connect 2014 and gave some great advice for living out this life as me. It is not about what the world dictates, but about what I decide. The more I want to connect, engage and grow relationships, the more I have to recognize me and then show me to others.

The talk he offered had some unique spins on some age-old ideas. I have been hearing about the importance of relationships. I have been writing about the importance of relationships (in Place in Purpose and Practical Proverbs). I have even been speaking about the importance of relationships myself.

Hearing the wisdom from yet another source helps me solidify the importance of growing relationships.

Top Tips from Ike Pigott at Y’all Connect 2014

    nest to egg quote
    “Fit the nest to the egg.” – in other words, never let the circumstances become the dictator. I may not be able to get over or around the circumstances of the moment, but I can find a way to manage those circumstances.

    “Consider how you want others to feel after they encounter you.” – it is as important to consider the value I am sharing as it is to invest in sharing. We are all busy. Make it worth the investment.

    “Share others with others.” – find value in others and then share that value with people that you know. A growing relationship needs sharing to keep growing and developing.

    “Be yourself – break down the boxes.” – not just break down the walls of the boxes, but break down the boxes completely. Refuse to acknowledge that such an item even exists. Stand out in the open where you can move, change, and shift as the need arises or your own growth demands it.

None of the ideas shared in that talk were earth-shattering – although Ike did an amazing job entertaining WHILE informing. People have been writing and speaking on the value of relationships since people have been writing and speaking.

Sometimes I need to hear the info in a new form to have the motivation to follow through. Click To Tweet

Sometimes it takes hearing the information in a new form to give me the motivation to follow through. Sometimes hearing the information again offers the confirmation I need to keep going. No matter how I look at it – or how I might hear it – growing relationships becomes a driving force in my journey.

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