Finding HOPE in Purpose

Finding HOPE in Purpose

Discovering the Power of HOPE

I said: “But we were so happy.”
God replied: “But I want you to be holy.” – Sherri Burgess

The world – on a good day – will be grey (on a bad day it will be lightless, lifeless, and suffocating). I am not called to live by the directives and attitudes of the world – but to move up to a higher place.

[tweetthis] If the world can convince the Heirs of the Kingdom that they have no hope then the rest will be easy to take[/tweetthis]

Sherri Burgess reminded me recently that it is about so much more than what meets the eye. I have to grow up my relationship with God, by building a foundation in and on the Word, and then I will be in a position not only to see the Light but to reflect it to the world.

Moving from Grey Days to the Power of HOPE

    1. I have to read the Word every single day – there is no way around this one. It takes my own personal investment in the word to make the word a priority in who I am and where I am going.

    2. Share with others – on a regular basis if not daily – when I regularly share my journey with others then I can begin to see the delusion of grey and I can also make the corrections I need to get back on track.

    3. Recognize the grey – the Son is there – ALWAYS – I just sometimes have to work harder to see.

    4. Talk it out – nothing can replace a personal relationship with God and that personal relationship is grown up with conversation.

    5. Keep a journey – when I write it down, then I have a reminder for the future but I also have a focus for the moment.

I sat and chatted with Sherri recently and was inspired by how hope had grown up in her life despite the darkness the world had thrown at her. I suspect that she went through a few grey days herself during the trials, but I know – from her words and from her actions – that hope pulled her through.

It is not always easy – but it is always simple. I have to have a foundation in the Word of God that will break through even the heaviest grey day of the world. A foundation that solid requires consistent and persistent action on my part. When I choose to make “being holy” my focused objective then the rest begins to settle into the right place.

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bronnerBe sure to check out Sherri’s new book, Bronner – A Journey to Understand. You can learn more about Sherri and her book, or invite Sherri to speak at your next event by visiting her website – Sherri’s Blog.

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