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The World Needs You so Be Prepared

“The world may not be ready for you, but the world needs you.” – Denise Oatley Hall

I stared at the comment my friend, Denise, had shared. I let it settle into my heart and I let it pour over me a comfort that had been lacking in the previous days.

I have known for a while that I am on the edge – close enough to know it’s there but not quite close enough for me to see or to fully understand and definitely not close enough so that I can explain it to others.

I just know, deep down in my knower.

Snarky Rainbows quote - something the world needs

And yet, the days continue to slip past. Another month is gone and the year-end hurtles towards me.

My focus had shifted from where I was going to that mass of doubts tangled up into the end of the year that wasn’t yet here. Focus like that never works out well. As soon as you shift from what you can do, even just the little bit that you can do, then you will start to worry about what you can’t do, or haven’t done, or what others say you need to do.

I had been struggling. I had snapped. It was not pretty.

And then Denise shared her comment and my whole day turned around. With the one little turnaround, I had a new focus. Then with new focus came new possibilities.

There will be tough times. There will be moments when you want to quit. That’s why it’s so important to have people around you to encourage you and lift you up. If you try to do it alone then you will hit those walls alone.

It’s good to have someone around to remind you of why you are doing what you are doing and where you are going, and you are designed to go and to do and to be.

You have something the world needs even if the world isn’t ready for you yet.

Invest in relationships so that you will be able to keep going until the world is ready.

How will you invest in relationships today?

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