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How to Hold Tight to Hope Even Through the Storms

Hold tight to hope. Hope makes a way. When the world crowds around brimming with dark despair, hope lights the way. When life pulls you down and you can’t find the strength to take another step, hope carries you through the next step.

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January 23 , 2020

Moment of HOPE

Hold Tight to Hope

Hold tight to hope because the world will do all it can to break you. The world wants you to depend on the tangible, or what the world has defined as the real things. Hope doesn’t make sense and even seems silly to those that live by that definition.

When I started my writing career, I did it as a means of gaining additional income for the home. My husband had applied to every school in the community, and nothing had shown itself. We were getting by, but for some weeks it was “just barely” that we made it.

It was at this same time that I began to understand the power of hope and followed up the belief with words. I would close out any talk with something like, “we are financially fit and debt-free.”

My mom HATED it. She would complain to my dad that I wasn’t living in reality. My dad would try to explain that we were standing in hope and faith.

I didn’t simply say things, but I lead and followed the statements with determined actions. I cut our spending – doing as much with what we had as I could find. I found ways to increase the income. I prayed daily for opportunities to open up.

And they did. My husband received an invitation to teach drama at a high school (his preferred subject), I picked up several freelance jobs, and things settled for us.

Did hope make a difference? Absolutely. It might not look like it to others, but I know there were days when it was only by hope that I kept going.

Hope is a belief. Hope is a seed. Hope is a spark. And when you give legs to the hope then all things do become possible.

Hold Tight to Hope

You give legs to hope when you believe so much in the hope that you have to do something in that hope. But first, you have to believe.

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  • Write down your hope. Writing down your hope helps solidify it in your heart and you need it to be sound so it can hold up against the attacks that will come – sometimes from people that mean well.
  • Speak your hope. Read aloud what you write down. Speaking the hope helps it settle into your mind to the point it becomes your default position.
  • Hang out with hope. Find other hopeful people to hang around. Not only will their hope reinforce your hope, but you will become more hopeful for having an influx of hopeful attitudes around you.
  • Practice hope in the little things. The more you practice hope in the little things the easier it becomes to stand in hope for the big things.
  • Hope beyond time. Keep hoping no matter how long you have been hoping already. Hope doesn’t always follow the timeline we set.
  • Repeat hope. When you feel the darkness getting heavier, begin at the beginning of the process to hold tight to hope until hope settles in once again.

Hope takes practice, especially when you have to walk in a world quick to give in, give up, and denounce possibilities. The more you are willing to invest in growing up hope for your life ad in your life, the bold you will be when it comes time to hold tight to hope in the midst of the storm.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - growing hope

Growing HOPE

Determine your belief
Speak the hope you know
Find hopeful people
Keep practicing hope

Hope is a habit that you can develop. As you grow hope for your life you create possibilities for your journey.

Quote of the Day

“Hope is the promise of possibility that comes from a place of settled peace.”

– Kathryn Lang

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 22 –
2 Samuel 21 – 24
Ecclesiastes 7 – 8
Jeremiah 27 – 30
Psalm 119

Scripture Focus - Jeremiah 29:11

Scripture Focus:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “I have plans for peace and wellness that will give you a good future.” – from Jeremiah 29:11

Ponder Point:

God has prepared for you a life of peace and wellness. He has made the way. Now all you need to do is walk in it. If things are not the way you expected or wanted, then check to be sure you are in God’s plans.

Share Moment:

When was the last time you felt like you were right in the middle of God’s plans for your life?

Study Question

What does it look like to do God’s will freely – without leaving heel marks across the sand.

Bible Study Question - in Gods will

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