31 Day Challenge – Day 25 It’s Getting Better

The more I do then the more I want to do. The last 25 days has helped me get motivated once again. I think that is what New Years Resolutions are about – motivation. The problem is that when we miss the target then we give up.

This 31 Day Challenge has given me the motivation with out the guilt. I have been looking at the things that I have done and not the things that I have NOT done or that I need to do or that I need to accomplish. The positive has made all the difference.

I know that I will continue to find motivation in the doing. These last few days in the challenge are the beginning of the next challenge so that I can continue to roll with the positive side of things.

Is there one thing that you would like to do in your life? I’m not talking about a goal or accomplishment. I’m just talking about a simple action that you would like to be a natural response.

Tips for Getting Better

Want to be more giving – commit to give something away every day for the month of September. It could be a loaf of bread, a sweat shirt or a pair of ear rings that someone admires. Just find something that you can give away every day.

Want to be friendlier – do something to reach out to others every day of September. Send a card, write a letter, go for a visit or make a phone call. Reaching out to friends will build relationships in your life.

Want to be healthier
– plan on doing something active every day of September. Go for a walk, play a game with the kids, or go dancing with your spouse. Getting healthier can be a natural part of your life.

Focus on the doing in your life and the positive changes will happen along the way.

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