31 Day Challenge – Day 26 Closer and Closer

The end is near. Every day draws me closer to the end of this challenge but I am not giving up just because a new month begins. This challenge has been great for my own life but has also touched my family. Something that good has to be continued.

I have yet to tell my family exactly what it is that I am doing. I’m not even sure that they have noticed that I’m “doing” anything. They have noticed a change and that is really all that matters anyway.

The whole reason for jumping into this 31 Day Challenge was to grow consistency in my life. It has worked but it has also given rebirth to a positive focus that I think is even more important. Positive thinking is a requirement for success in any endeavor. But it can be easy to kill the positive thoughts and procrastination thrives off their deaths.

I have a new attitude, a new vision and a new plan. I will continue my monthly challenges and I will continue to do consistently the things I know to do without expectation of outcomes. This Challenge is a life change and I’d love to share the amazing experience that this one step has begun. This is a journey worth talking about and sharing. Are YOU ready to have a life changing experience?

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