Motivation for Life

Planning for Purpose

The motivation that I put to work in my life will either drive me towards my purpose or will knock me into a ditch. I have followed both paths with equal amounts of focus. The difference is not in the amount of energy required or the amount of time required – the difference between the ditch and the purpose is simply the results.

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Finding the Motivation that Plans for Purpose

  • In the beginning – start first thing because if you invest from the beginning then when your energy or focus begins to waver, you can look back and recognize that you accomplished something. Do something in the beginning and you will always get something done.
  • Do one thing – trying to focus on too many tasks (no matter how great your multi-tasking abilities) will sap the energy out of your journey. Pick one thing and then put your attention into that one thing until it is accomplished. Leave the multi-tasking activities to the peripheral.

    Right now – do something right now, the moment that you think about doing it. If you put it off just to put it on a list then you will continue to put it off or will just forget it. Take this moment to do what you are thinking needs to be done.


    Break it down – you may not be in a position to tackle the big projects in one sitting so break them down into manageable portions – and make that one portion, that little bit, be the thing that you tackle first thing or right now.

  • Do one more thing – the moment I feel my momentum wavering or the motivation slipping, I need to focus my attention on just one more thing. Either I will accomplish one more thing for my day or doing that one thing will help me find the focus I need to push on to my next step in purpose.

I have a choice. Every day I can purpose the planning of my purpose of I can slip into the ditch. The choice matters because the choice directs my journey. I find the motivation to keep going from the actions that I choose to take now.

Be blessed,

How do you plan and pursue purpose? What motivation for life leads your way?

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  • Really great post, Kathryn! I think the idea of just doing one thing is so wise. It’s easy to get caught up in everything that has to get done, so I love the reminder of not having to do it all.

    • Thanks Danica – I am a habitual multi-tasker. I have to remind myself to do “just one thing” so that I can have the focus I need. I’m getting closer . . . one thing at a time 😉