5 Tips from Growing HOPE to Help Hear Heart Whispers

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MAP IT OUT – Week 7 – Understand

Tuesday – Heart Seeds

Until I understand the heart whispers for my life, I will struggle to make the better and best choices for my journey. I need to slow down and listen so I can hear, choose, and go.

Understand Driving Values

I understand my driving values and therefore I am positioned to move forward in purpose.

    #GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Understand Heart Seeds

  • I take notice of the dreams
  • I take notice of the things that bring me a smile
  • I take notice of what stirs my excitement

  • I take notice of the returns
  • I take notice of the nervous calm

I need to take time to hear my heart whispers so I can recognize and understand the seeds that were planted in me at the beginning of time – only then will I be in a position to walk out my purpose with boldness.

Take time to understand our heart seeds – those still small whispers of the hear that help us understand our unique design and purpose.

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