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Thought of the Day – Read Past the Fake News Headline

Thought of the Day, May 3, 2017

The words shared about the headline shared got me mad. My anger only increased when I took a moment to go past the headline and the thoughts shared. Everything that he complained about was WRONG.

It wasn’t a little wrong.
It wasn’t up for interpretation.
It was WRONG.

This is how FAKE NEWS gets roots.

Please quit. Quit sharing a story without going to the beginning and finding out if the story is even what the story is saying the story is. In others words – VERIFY before your SHARIFY.

I started to take a moment to explain how wrong the guy was that shared the headline. I started but I stopped because he doesn’t care. He may even KNOW that what he is sharing is only a part of the story because he has an agenda that lines up with the part story.

You can’t share with someone who is more focused on an agenda than the truth.

I dare you to be more focused on the truth so that FAKE NEWS and glorified headlines will no longer be the norm.

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