Thought of the Day – It is Called SOCIAL Media for a Reason

Thought of the Day – It is Called SOCIAL Media for a Reason

Thought of the Day, April 11, 2017

Social media is designed to be SOCIAL – they even put it in the name.

“How do I sale on social media?” When I’m speaking at events this question always comes up. I’ve not only heard the question dozens of times, I have been guilty of asking it myself. I have been on the giving end of the whine, “I’m not getting any traction from my social engagements.”

HA! Looking at that in writing makes me realize just how silly I have been. Part of the reason I see it so clear now is because I stumbled over one simple concept about social media.


It is called social media because that was what it was intended to be. The different mediums were supposed to be engaging, conversational, and dare I say FUN!

I go to social gatherings because I enjoy the company. I enjoy the atmosphere. I enjoy the conversations. I quit going to the gatherings when the group is rude or fights break out. I quit going if I am bombarded with pitches and ads. I quit going if it ceases to be fun.

I know, believe me that I know, you have to find a way to build an income with your business. If your home is anything like my home, you are reminded that your “business” is getting to be an expensive hobby. But do us all a favor (and I am reminding myself) and don’t show up to the next party with a bucket full of items to sell.

Just make connections and then invest in those connections by being relentlessly helpful.

Social media wanted to make its purpose clear so it stuck that very purpose in the title. Make it engaging for others. Invest in others. Be social. This is the key to unlocking your success.

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