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61 – Becoming Unstoppable and Unlocking the You Plan with Growing HOPE

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Quote of the Day

“You become unstoppable when you believe in your focus so much that nobody – not even you – can talk you out of it.”

#QuoteoftheDay November 18, 2019 - Become Unstoppable

Moment of HOPE

Be Unstoppable

You become unstoppable when you believe so much in where you are going that nothing and nobody – not even you – can talk you out of your going.

Dare to dream big and then invest in the focus, the determination, and the community that will help you become unstoppable in getting there.

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

Becoming Unstoppable

1. Dare to dream big and write out the dream.
2. Repeat the dream until you believe it is not only possible, it is inevitable.
3. Find one person that will dare to dream with you and share.
4. Start going.

Daily Challenge - becoming unstoppable

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 31 – 33
2 Chronicles 25 – 28
Hosea 8 – 14
Proverbs 18

Focus Scripture:

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” – from Proverbs 18:21

Ponder Point:

Your words have power. What you speak either lifts up and fills with life or it crushes and crumbles and kills.

Every word you speak has within it the power of life and death.

Be aware of the words you speak about others, about your journey, and definitely about you.

Share Moment:

What were some life giving words you have shared?

Scripture Focus - Proverbs 18:21

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Place in Purpose

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. Place in Purpose walks you through the questions that will help you plot your path to unlocking your heartseed.

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place in purpose

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

Growing HOPE Daily - Header - 61 - The You Plan

60 – Invested in Vision

God created the world and everything in it with a specific design, and that includes you. The world wants you to think that things are painful and confusing. The organized religions warn of the despair and struggles that you will go through.

But God had a plan – one of blessings and peace. And God strips back the complicated stuff of the world and lays it out in a simple plan.

    #GrowingHOPE Daily - 5 Points - The YOU Plan
    They key is to follow God’s plan – simple, but not always easy.

  • First, you have to accept the design. You have to believe that God created you with a specific purpose in mind.

  • Second, know God. You have to know the designer to truly understand the better way to go and the better choices to make to stay on the path of the designer.

  • Third, love others because it all comes back to relationships – even walking out your place in purpose. Grow in understanding and focus for unconditional love.

  • Fourth, hold tight to hope. Hope makes a way. Hope is the seed that grows up into possibility living. Look for hope. Practice recognizing hope. Scatter seeds of hope. Hope makes a way.

  • And finally, choose to follow your designed path. Ultimately the choice is yours. You can follow the path planned for you or you can follow the world. Choose the better.

Your path is waiting for you, but you have to make the choices – take the steps a little bit at a time – that will get you to where you want to go.

Growing HOPE Daily - quote - accept your design

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