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How to Define Agenda – Step Two – Know What You Have

Utilizing and understanding the resources at our disposal allows us to craft a solid agenda for the fruitful life. The calling issued to you and me involved living and being fruitful. Jesus told us to have life and to have it abundantly (John 10:10) but he also warned the enemy would be here to steal, to till, and to destroy.

Fruitful Life - Agenda - Resource Inventory

What you have is not always as important as how you put what you have to work. The resources aren’t limited to money and time – they include your ingenuity and creative spirit – those are powerful resources as well.

Craft Your Resource Inventrory

  • Review where you are. You have an abundance around you right now . . . what is your abundance?
  • Define your strengths. Look at what you do better or best, what you have more of, or what you can easily produce. Think about where your power lies.
  • Identify your struggle points and weaknesses. This will require a real and raw review of your journey to date. You can only create a strong resource inventory if you are willing to be honest and expose the week points and shortcomings to date.
  • Make a list of all the current opportunities. Think about the things that have been just at the edge of your life – the hints or suggestions (or maybe outright offers) others have made. Consider how you can turn these into part of your possibility plan. This is not an “act now, think later” list, but a contemplation list. It’s just something to chew on.
  • Consider the threats – from you, from others, or from the circumstances around you. Defining your threats prepares you for the attacks (or at least helps you prepare). Remember, the enemy is out to kill, to steal, and to destroy. The threats will be some of the avenues the enemy will attempt to use.

You have what you need – maybe it’s not what you want or how you want but it is what you need. Now we just have to put it to work.

Your challenge is to know your resources – inventory your resources on a regular basis so that you know where you are and what you have so you can create the agenda that will move you forward.

You have it – because you are it. Create a resource inventory to create a path to your fruitful life.

Be blessed,

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Fruitful Life - Agenda - Resource Inventory

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