Growing Accountability – Three Points of Contact

This journey can be tough and sometimes I need all the help I can get just to keep from falling behind. I learned from climbing that maintaining three points of contact at all times would keep me from falling – I might slip, but I would NOT fall.

I have translated that idea to my life journey – when I am walking out life, I find ways to maintain my three points of contact: The Word, Prayer, and Wise Counsel.

Maintain Three Points of Contact

    First, I keep a record of the affirmations I receive.
    Second, I develop a reservoir of support and encouragement
    Third, I create a tunnel vision for purpose
    Fourth, I work to keep the momentum going
    And Fifth, I grow up advanced giving

It is not easy to stay on track in a world determined to distract me. The noise and chaos around me want . . . no DEMAND my attention. The right support will make the difference when it comes to making good and better choices for each moment of my day. Three points of contact will help me keep from falling.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. Your words were the perfect motivation for my day!

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