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Quote of the Day – Be Determined and Keep Going – May 9 2017

Quote of the day for Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Live and learn and keep going – that is the ONLY way to reach your BIG DREAM goals.
Things will happen. The rug will get pulled. People will demand to get in the way. Live your life. Learn from the journey. And be so determined to reach the destination that you just keep going despite all the nose.”

Quote of the Day - Keep Going

It will require action. It will require that I take a step and that I keep taking steps until I get there.

That is the ONLY way.

There is no other way for me to reach my desired success than for me to move and keep moving until I arrive.

It may seem like there are other ways. Others may tell me there are others ways. I may wish there were other ways.

All of those are mirages in the desert luring me away from the truth.

I have to go. I have to keep going. I have to keep going until I arrive. My action is the only way to my success.

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