Quote of the Day - Friday

Quote of the Day – Break Free to be Me

Quote of the day for Friday, June 30, 2017

The moment I let go of the need to do it like everyone else I break free to be me. – Kathryn

Quote of the Day - Break Free to be Me

THEY have declared too many things in my life for me to make a list. About the time I get my bearings, THEY spend the world around and I’m left wondering which way is up.

THEY can, because I have been trying so hard to do it the way THEY say. Even though I know the answer lies within me, I still fall for the trap.

The challenge is not to be the best THEY out there. The challenge is to be the best me. Only I can determine that path.

When I grasp this idea – this one idea – then THEY can no longer spin my world. I hold the power to turn things around – literally and figuratively. I just have to recognize my power and purpose and walk it out.

Dare to be you. Be bold in pursuit of the best you that you can be. Let the world keep spinning in circles and rise above into your own design.

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