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How to be a Catalyst for Inspiration – Just Say Yes

We all need a catalyst for inspiration to help us along. The relationships in our lives and for our lives can mean the difference between giving up and going on.

My day hit a snag – or it is more that I picked up a snag and wrapped it around me. I knew what I needed to be doing and I even got started in the doing, but then I stopped.

That’s when he called. It seems that is ALWAYS when he calls.

His first word to me was “Catalyst.”

He went on to explain how the words I shared in Place in Purpose inspired him.

“You break ground and let in light for everyone else.” – Gene Hendrix

The timing of those God calls (or note or still, small whisper) never ceases to amaze me. I had just posted in a private group about how I knew it was time to jump and I knew it was the only way to fly, but what if I fell?

Gene lit up my day and fired up my courage.

We are called to take the leap for Christ and in Christ. We are all designed with a uniqueness that can never be taken away and will never be matched. The world will always try to talk me out of my uniqueness (and you as well). I have to stop listening to the world and start acting in purpose and on purpose.

Just Say Yes Right Here

God calls.

You can answer or just continue where you are. The choice is yours.

It will not be clear. It may not make sense.

It’s unseen by man – even the man facing the call.

The Ground Breakers don’t look for all the answers, or even some of the answers. They just answer yes.

The world will say there is nothing. The world may be right . . . right now.

One minute there is nothing. The next minute there is everything. In between, the world will try to convince you that you are wrong.

Ground Breakers just say yes.

Just say yes right now.

Ground Breakers – by Gene Hendrix

The ground breakers are who we remember
this we know for sure
Sound tracers – truth senders
Whispers from the Lord.

It’s an invitation to a party
Glory satisfies
Ne’r made, seen, or caught by any man;
It’s Revelation through a heart He
Fording sanctifies
Where, saving, He brought Life again.

It’s the ground breakers time remembers
Whether dead or alive – Heaven crashing earth – maker’s mark
Sound tracers. Vine renders
Tethered – let toward Christ – let in lasting birth – Saviour’s heart.

In Jesus’s name,

Invitation Only

“It’s an invitation-only party to join the work of the Holy Spirit, and you can’t say yes to an invitation you don’t get.” – Gene Hendrix

Will you say yes?

Be blessed,
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