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48 – Meditate on the Word to Live in Purpose with Tips from Growing HOPE

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Quote of the Day

“Invest in learning the word and then turn that learning over in your mind until there are no directions left to view.”

Quote of the Day - mull it over

Thought of the Day

Dare to Thrive

You are made to thrive.
You are crafted to live a live beyond what the world can over and way beyond what the world can conceive.
You are made to live extraordinary because you are extraordinary.

If you are ever in doubt, look at all the elements that had to come together to make you who you are – and see that there is no other person that is all that you are – or that could be.

Dare to be you.
Dare to be unique.
Know it.
Own it.
Live bold in it.

Growing HOPE daily - meditate for foundation

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Owning the Thrive

What does it mean to you to thrive?
Do one little bit to make that your reality.

Challenge - Oct 26 - owning the thrive

Scripture Focus

“It is simple. Fear and reverence God. Keep His commandment.” – from Ecclesiastes 12:13

Scripture Focus - Ecclesiastes 12:13

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Place in Purpose

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place in purpose

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#GrowingHOPE daily - 46 - meditate on the word

48 – Meditate on the Word

Know God when you know the Word and know the Word by meditating on the Word.

    When it comes to meditating on the word, get intentional.
    #GrowingHOPE - 5 points - meditate on the word

  1. First, create a place for meditation. Discover your happy place where you can go to get away from the distractions and the noise.
  2. Second, set a time to meditate. Have a few dedicated moments every day when you will study, repeat, read, and breathe in the Word.

  3. Third, write out what draws your focus. When you are reading, write down what strikes a chord in your heart.

  4. Fourth, deep dive into the things that spark your curiosity. Learn more about what you learn so that you know it more.

  5. Finally, go back and review where you’ve focused. Go back of the meditation moments of the past to refresh the impact they had and the lessons you learned for your life.

  6. Make a point to meditate on the Word of God so that you can embed those words into your being. The more you mull the words over the more you settle them down into your knower until one day they are as natural to you as breathing.

    GroiwngHOPE Daily - quote mull it over

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