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Relationship Foundations – One – Be Genuine

I know that when I follow the Be Attitudes of Relationship Foundations then the ones that I build will stand the test of time.

Be Genuine to Build Relationship Foundations

My Be Attitudes for Relationship Foundations

    1.Be genuine – take the Popeye stand in life and declare “I am who I am.” I am a positive person. I do believe in rainbows. I stand bold in that place that is uniquely me.

    2. Be open – dare to step into a position where you can get hurt because those are the places that give roots to relationships.

    3. Be honest – play with an open hand and let others see what you are holding. Expect some negatives but refuse to become one because of them.

    4. Be considerate – be aware of how things reflect on self and on others and proceed with cautious optimism.

    5. Be willing – investment is required to grow relationships but it will also take away from the limited resources I have.

Relationships are one of the most valuable tools you can acquire in this journey of life – but if I am going to have a foundation of relationships and for relationships then I have to be the real me when I make my investments.

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