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Moving Closer to Purpose with Diligent Focus

Diligent Focus: The determination to keep going even when circumstances don’t behave.

You only get closer to purpose when you move with diligent focus. You can’t get there without going. You can do what you need to do unless you begin doing. If you stay put or stay still then you will remain where you are.

Pursue Purpose

November started with a bang. I stayed up until midnight so I could launch into my November challenged with purpose and on purpose. It made getting up at my regular time a challenge in and of itself.

But I did and the next day I did more.

Week one ended with diligent focus. I then began giving a little. Little bits add up to big differences – no matter if those little bits are positives or negatives.

This morning, the Scripture reading for the Practical Proverbs Facebook page was Proverbs 11. It reminded me that I have to be intentional with actions if I want to be moving toward the right focus.

It’s a simple thing to pursue your uniqueness. It’s also a simple thing to stop your pursuit or to not begin the pursuit in the first place. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice – and that one choice will lead to the next choice.

Create Your Diligent Focus

  • Start with a bang. Don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t even wait for a moment. Start now and start with boldness.
  • Know the destination. You need to know what your focus is if you are going to pursue your focus. Write down the finish line so you can make your little bits aim in that direction.
  • Keep going. The key to consistency is being consistent in that consistent. You won’t always want to take the next step. You have to keep going anyway.

  • Get back up. You will stumble. You will probably fall. If you want to move closer to the purpose you have to get back up which may also start over. If you say down then you will never get to your purpose.

You have a purpose. You reach that purpose by taking steps to get there. The more you stay consistent in your purpose the faster you will achieve your focus.

You can get there with diligent focus. So, move!

Be blessed,

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