The True Value of Social Media

Discover the power of unplugging from social media

Social media will not make or break my success. THEY have said otherwise. THEY have even shared graphs and images proving their point. THEY are wrong.

The ability to remain completely connected to the constant flow of information in this digital age has created the illusion of its important. The ability to remain plugged in has set up a false sense of urgency to remain plugged in. It has also developed an atmosphere of entitlement (I deserve to know first, to know more, to know it all).

This artificial bubble of need and want draws from the things that should be the real focus and the investments of attention that could be feeding my journey to success.

I have to find the balance between connection and learning the value of unplugging – yes, even from social media.

I took off the other day. Since I work at home, that means that I never even turned on my computer. I hung out with my family. I ran a few errands. I read a book. It was only at the end of the day that I became aware of the fact that I had been unplugged for a full 24 hours. I had not looked at the internet feeds, the emails, or the social media posts for the entire day.

It shocked me that my world had not imploded around me. The world held together despite my lack of minute by minute monitoring. My online presence had not evaporated in the hours I left it unattended.

Even more amazing, I discovered that when I did return to the age of digital, I had more focus for my unique journey. I had a better grasp of where to invest my energy. I had a stronger desire to do what I knew to do. I was excited again.

This accidental experiment suggests that unplugging from social media and from the chaos of it all could benefit me in a number of ways.

The Top Benefits and Blessings from Unplugging


    I can write anywhere when I am unplugged. I can sit at the table while my son does his school work. I can write in the car while waiting for the latest activity to end. I can write while waiting on the doctor to call my FIL back for his appointment. The closest thing to a concern happens when my pencil loses its sharp edge (because who wants to write with a dull edged pencil).


    Distractions are fewer when I no longer have the constant stream of the internet crying out for my attention. I struggle enough with the squirrels in the trees outside my window. The squirrels that run around the online universe can keep me off target for hours without my realization that I am off target. Staying unplugged means that I have no way of knowing what the world things or is up to so that I have no need to correct, redirect, or respond.


    Writing out my projects by hand means that (at the very least) the project will get one rewrite. Everything from social media posts to eBooks get a second run through when I transcribe the handwritten manuscript into the computer. The review helps to crisp up the words and allows me to paint a stronger image with the letters that I form.

I know it will take more to get to where I desire. I understand that I have to be aware and alert of the industry and the atmosphere I am wandering through. It turns out that unplugging for a day or a time from social media and the constant internet buzz can make a way for the “more” that I need to break through.

Be blessed,


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