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Finding My Encouragement to Encourage

My day will be filled with completing the nine pages I need for my presentation along with the handouts that I want to have prepared. The talk focuses on encouragement. The forces conspired to defeat my encouragement this morning because it is hard (if not impossible) for a discouraged person to be encouraging.

The morning started around 2 am when the three year old came in and needed me to lay down with him to settle him back down. It stayed off course when I went back to my own bed and fell back to sleep. The alarm had no effect on my slumber. Now I was tired AND behind.

The kids did not want to get up. I was focused on catching up and ended up pushing our schedule even farther behind. Now I was suppose to write about encouragement. I had to laugh out loud.

The good news comes from my new schedule. After breakfast I take a “God walk” where I can spend time talking to God, listening to Him and praying. I would still be out there talking if I didn’t know that chaos was still lurking in the home. It seems that discouragement was keeping him company because they pounced on my head when I walked back in the door.

Encouragement stands firm against the attacks. When I take the time to let God build up my encouragement then I can face so much more. It also helps that I received encouragement from a dear friend last night and her bright smile was on my IM when I logged in. My encouragement is overflowing and my prayer is that I can share some of that with others.

It can be easy to let chaos and discouragement rule – particularly when you live around people that tend to focus on the negative. Everything that I do is a choice. I choose to live a life of silver linings.

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