Politically Correct Rant about the Uproar

Getting politically correct isn’t always politically correct, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Pay close attention because I am about to get as political as I have ever gotten.


I have watched the uproar of the last several years – sometimes with amusement, sometimes with shame, sometimes with anger, but most of the time with discouragement.

“How could he think that? He is an educated man. The facts tell a different story.”

“How could she do that? It goes to the complete opposite of what she just said. It makes no sense.”

The latest uproar is no different. He said or she said. He did or she did. It is all semantics. Because all the while that people argue over the stuff and make all the noise, the enemy wins.


It matters little about whose side raises the banner of victory because the enemy raises his banner ever higher. We are fighting over the differences instead of seeking unity. And where there is strife, where there is division, the enemy wins.

I recently had a revelation about this concept in my personal life. It has been an ongoing issue with an individual that sparks up now and then and causes me to lash out, yell out, or in some way contribute to the noise. Despite my best personal efforts to the contrary, the roar continues and when it does it manages to disrupt every aspect of my life.

I shared the challenge with some ladies during a prayer meeting. I asked them to agree in prayer with me that peace would cover this individual and draw him into a personal experience with Christ that would break through the discouragement and despair.

I did not ask him to stop bothering me. I did not ask for the situation to be fixed. I asked for the heart to be touched.

My focus changed and when it changed the roar was gone.

Every time the enemy attempts to stir the roar back up – I go to my knees. I am investing more time praying for peace than I am in trying to fix the person or the situation.

I wonder what would happen if people on all sides of the uproar committed to doing the same – to pray for peace. The truth is that it matters little what the people do. A person, wholly and completely devoted to God, will change the world.

Will I be that one?

Be blessed,


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