Making a New Year Plan

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

That made some of you smile because you immediately flashed to an image of the team. That flash makes me smile as well, but the idea behind the statement also gives me a little jolt.

It is not just about the plan. Yes, you do need a plan to understand your directions. It is also about the flexibility that brings the plan together.

Step One: The Plan

    Create a plan for your journey. This means you need to write down your goals – and if you are going to go with God then they need to be God sized goals. If you can do it without God then is it worth doing?

    Set up steps for your plan. Every journey has legs to it and in this case the legs are the day by day actions that will be implemented to get the cart moving along the path.

    Measure the journey. It is as important to see where you have been as it is (sometimes) to see where you are going. For actions to be of value, you need to be able to measure those actions.

Step Two: Flexibility

Recognize that you are about His business and not doing something that you just ask Him to bless. God is always at work. Flexibility means making the changes to my own journey that allows me to join up with Him in that work.

Keep talking. The only way to know what He is doing is to know Him and the only way to know Him is to stay in communication with Him. Read the word EVERY DAY. Talk with God ALL Day. Make time to study the word – in groups and alone – as often as possible.

Remember the reason. As much as I like to joke, I do know that it is not all about me. My purpose – my life – is about loving God and then through that loving relationship to love others. Anytime I forget this then I am subject to running the cart into a ditch.

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On Growing HOPE today, I shared some more ideas for creating a plan for the New Year. Never wait for the first of the year to begin making the adjustments. Start right now. Make a plan and then begin pursuing your unique place with boldness.

Be blessed,


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