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Focus Makes the Difference in the New Year You Are Creating

Your focus makes the difference. If you want to move from where you are, then you have to start with a shift in focus.

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focus makes the difference

I mentioned before how chaotic 2020 had been for my family. About the time I felt like I had my footing, someone or something jerked the rug out from under me. It got to the point I expected something else to happen because something else always happened (and my natural outlook tends to the possibilities instead of the problems).

I mentioned to my friend, Tom, how things were unsettled. “If only we could get some things settled, then I would feel more confident in making choices to do what I need to do.”

My mind spun the idea around over the next several days. How could I be expected to do what I knew I needed to do when I couldn’t count on anything – not location, not time, not space? Having everything out-of-place left me out of place.

Working through the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination for 2021, I realized that unsettled is simply another excuse. In truth, nothing is ever settled. Every day we have to look at where we are and measure what we have and make the choices for the next step.

I read Colossians 3:2 and it struck me that being settled comes from where I focus, not from the surrounding circumstances.

“Keep your thoughts and intensive interests on things above.”

Focus Makes the Difference for Settled

What can you do to move into where you want to be? Your actions are dependent on you alone, so dare to take the actions to make it happen.

Focus makes the difference
  • Aspiration – my focus will be on word creation, sharing, and finding ways to be relentlessly helpful. I can do all these things no matter what else happens, as long as I make the intentional choices to get them done.
  • Stewardship – my focus will be on doing what I can where I am with what I have instead of waiting until we are where we are going to be. I can create pieces of home that are portable no matter where I am right now (and no matter where we are going). The perfect example will be a portable garden. Having my Joy Garden with me wherever I go will give me portable smiles.
  • Transformation – my focus will be on health and fitness instead of fitting into a mold. Being in the condition to do things with confidence will lead me to do more things (with confidence).
  • Fellowship – my focus will be on reaching out in person and in print in specific and personal ways. It is all about relationships, and I will dare to make relationships a priority each day of 2021.

You can have all you dream possible when you believe it deep down in your knower and then take the bold steps to reach your destination.

Are you focused on your problems or do you dare to focus on your possibilities? A shift in focus makes the difference in where you take your year.

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