Curse of the Keywords Past

Make keywords from your past work for you.
Keywords that I used in the beginning of my journey continue to haunt my website today. The year that I launched my first blog, I had no idea what I was doing or what direction I was going. I knew that I wanted to write, and so I wrote.

Surfing around the internet led me to the sites that told me how to take my little website and make it pay me day in and day out. That required some shifting and changing and even a few more website launches. So I launched and shifted and changed, but I still had no idea what I was doing.

I confess that even today – when it comes to making a website do all of the income labor – I have no clue how to make it happen. I went back to my basic love and started to write once again. I shifted my focus from making money with my blogs to making money through freelance writing opportunities.

But keywords from my original launch continue to haunt my site today. An article written for my general website, and moved to The Peculiar Club website, still gets more hits from the search engines than anything else I have written. This morning I realized that there had to be a way I could harness that power and turn it over to good for both my writing site and my peculiar site.

Tips for Transforming the Curse of the Keywords

– Use the keywords in more articles but make the focus all about the new direction of the website. I will be talking more about how a Good Wife can bring extra income into the home with freelance writing, how a Good Wife can balance work at home and family, and ways a Good Wife can organize her life. Can you pick out the keyword that has been giving me troubles?

– Put the keywords to work in a book. Over at The Peculiar Club and also in my newspaper column, I talk about becoming a better wife and training a husband on a regular basis. I have even decided to take the tips and put them together in a new eBook that will be lovingly titles, “The Husband Whisperer.” My thought is that keyword searches for Good Wife will bring people to the launch of the new eBook.

– Bring it all together with links. Add links to posts that will draw people to the right website. I am including links to The Peculiar Club and to the info page for “The Husband Whisper” (which will be available for your purchase in December).

– Be honest with your readers. There is a level of trust that is offered when a person clicks on your link in a search engine. It hurts some when the link takes you to a location that does nothing that it promised. Making the most of keywords through tricks and catchy phrases may build the stats temporarily, but providing truthful and quality content will keep those numbers where you want them.

I am no keyword expert. Mistakes that I have made in the past or changes that did not quite go as planned allow keywords from past posts to haunt me today. My websites will benefit (and so will my readers) if I can discover the best ways to harness the energy of the keywords and point them in the right direction.

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