My Mom Lied – the Truth on How to Amp Up My Game

It Takes Action and Investment to Amp Up My Game for Success

Momma never said there would be days like THIS. Maybe that is one of the reasons she wanted for me to follow a “normal” path. Stepping outside the box and walking out my own unique way is not always fun, or popular, or easy to comprehend (and therefore to explain to others).

Some days the only thing I know to do is to keep on stepping.

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I have been inching along this last year, or maybe it is more akin to limping along since I am still within spitting distance from where I began. I had a chat with CA Marks from MoxieBeautiful.com and she reminded me I need to surround myself with igniters and encouragers if I am going to AMP UP this journey and it will take amping up if I am going to reach the high flying goals are the target of my actions.

Five Tips to AMP UP My Game

    The first thing I will do is review my journey – this last year as well as the past years as well. I want to see what actions, investments, and choices worked before in what areas and how I can translate those successes (or change those failures) for all my life goals.

    The second thing I will do is bring my family on board – because without their cooperation at some level I will be pushing the cart uphill with them all in it. Pushing the cart is tough enough, I need to discover ways to lighten the load.

    The third thing is to keep it simple. The more difficult or layered the structured the more excuses I can find not to do it. – and sometimes I don’t even try all that much to find the excuse.

    The fourth thing is to set a reward program. This is where I have stumbled the most because I didn’t know what rewards to offer myself. There are simple ideas, timeouts, and other offerings which can be the incentive for accomplishing my desired tasks.

    And the fifth thing is limit the activities. It has to be small portions or small time increments if the little bit system is going to work.

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I have been sharing my journey over on the Growing HOPE podcast – about how I am taking responsibility for my journey and I am making deliberate choices (actionable choices) for change. Join me this week as I share my chat with CA Marks and also delve in deeper to this task of how to AMP UP my game.

I am the one in a position to change my life. Until I accept it and until I take action in it, I will be in a place called “familiar uncomfortable”- where I am not happy with the situation or moment but am more comfortable being unhappy than stepping into change. The moment I dare to step up and to step out and to declare my victory, I begin to live out the potential and the unique purpose designed in me. My mom may have lied, or she may have been deceived by the world, but I am determined to break free and live out my dreams.

Do you believe in the lie or do you choose to think the happy thoughts and the possibility thoughts that will allow you to fly?

Be blessed,


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