10 Things to Celebrate – the Extravagant Extravaganza of Extraordinariness

I had a plan – I had an AWESOME plan! I invested thought and consideration and the wise counsel of THEY to craft my plan.

Things happened. I grew frustrated. The plan stared down at me from my White Board of World Domination, taunting me.

[tweetthis]Things WILL happen – how you adjust and act when they do happen will make the difference[/tweetthis]

I found new motivation and new insight and dug my heels back in. I had determined to be diligent in pursuit of my dreams just like the White Board of World Domination declared.

Things happened – bigger and more troublesome than before. This time, I HAD to stop. In order to fix the things that had happened, my websites had to be taken down and then raised back up (slowly and carefully to insure that things did NOT happen again).

I considered quitting. If things were not going to cooperate then why try. The motivation and insights I had received before came back again. I recognized that I could if I would.

Today marks the celebration of that determination. Over the next 10 weeks, I will be sharing with you – through giveaways, Facebook and Twitter chats, webinars, and downloads.

Celebrate these 10 Things with Me

    I celebrate the right and courage to dream big.
    I celebrate the boldness to step out in my dreams.
    I celebrate the truth that I can reach my dreams.
    I celebrate the reality that it is up to me and I can do it.
    I celebrate the encouragement and support I get from you.
    I celebrate the understanding that I have you in my life.
    I celebrate the recognition that I have been sharing words for 10 years.
    I celebrate the uniqueness that is my journey.
    I celebrate the step that I am taking right now.
    I celebrate the blessing that I am not alone.

Will you celebrate with me?

This week’s Facebook chat begins at 2pm Central and I will be sharing my thoughts on finding your unique purpose.


Later this evening, I will be hosting a live webinar to dig in deeper

There is still time to register and join in the webinar

And be sure that you sign up for this week’s giveaway – the box will be packed with goodies including these:


Nov 24 giveaway

It is important to make a plan and sometimes it is just as important to be flexible in that plan. It helps to bend without breaking when you understand your unique design and purpose.

I look forward to taking this next step in the journey with you.

Be blessed,


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