Out of Place – A Photo Writing Challenge

Use images to inspire stories and articles

A picture may paint a thousand words, but someone still has to put those words to action by sharing them. That is the challenge for this Friday. You have three pictures to choose from. All three have someone or something in a place that they should not be. Picture one: a boy up to his waist in a mud hole. Picture two: a tree in the back end of a suburban. Picture three: a boy in a garbage can.

All of these pictures have GREAT stories of their own. But I want to hear what you think. It can be in the form of the perfect caption for the image. You can choose to create a story that explains what happen before, during or after the photo. It may be that the image stirs an idea in you that will come out in the form of a great blog post.

The challenge is simply to let the image stir the words and then see what comes from the mix.

Will you take the challenge? Share your story, caption or blog post with us here. My example below is taken from the middle image (Image 2).


The squirrels had threatened a rebellion. Clues were scattered all around in the form of acorns bombed down on the heads of the unsuspecting citizens below. All of the threats were ignored. The roar of the engines still sent the furry fiends scurrying up the nearest tree.

They had enough. The plan began to unfold in the cover of darkness. They took turns standing watch and working on the revenge. It took three days, and they were getting exhausted. “Keep going. We are almost there.” Their leader still showed the results of a close call with one of the cars. His tail would never be the same. His anger motivated them to push on.

By the following evening, it was time. The wind blew, the limb creaked and the squirrels danced on a limb in the next tree over in anticipation of the results.


The suburban never stood a chance. The limb was no ordinary branch. It was large enough to b classified as a tree on its own. The fall of a limb that large from a distance that high left little to salvage.

“We will have to total the automobile.” The insurance company looked at the pile of tree and car. He shook his head. “How did this happen?” He heard a noise that sounded like laughter from up in the trees.

“It was the squirrels.” The young boy had been playing in the sand box in front of the house.

“The squirrels? What do you mean?”

The boy stopped playing and looked around. He saw them on the limb. They saw him as well. “Um . . . nothing.”

The insurance adjuster shrugged his shoulders and signed off on the paperwork. He looked around again at the carnage and the scene around it. All the other trees were in perfect order. There was no major debris – not that there would have been. He had checked the weather report from the night before just to be sure that there was not a freak storm that he had managed to miss. The night was clear with only a slight wind.

He caught a glimpse of several squirrels on a limb in a nearby tree. He looked at them and then back at the damage. “I wonder.” He turned back to look up at the squirrels once again, but they were gone.

He made a point to watch for squirrels when he drove down the driveway. It was better to be safe than sorry if the warning from the boy was to be believed.

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