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Dream a Little Dream

Dream to Grow a Writer

I had a dream when I was younger to be a writer. My mom encouraged me to a point and subscribed me to some writing magazines. The first rejection letter sent me spiraling away from my dream. The comments about never making a living as a writer helped speed things up. Before long, I had buried my dream so deep there was no way it could sprout and grow.

Dream to Release the Seed of the Writer in You

    – Try to remember what you wanted to do or to be before the world, or family, got involved with your future.

    – Write out a description of your life if you had pursued that dream. Where would you be right now? How would things be different in your life?

    – Set the paper aside and go somewhere that you can allow your imagination to roam free. Hide in a closet, lay in a field and watch the clouds, sit by the creek and get lost in the trickle of the water or just close the bathroom door. Start dreaming that same dream over and over and over.

    – Come back to the paper and add any more that you might have imagined to your exiting list.

    – Now get serious. What limitations are in your life right now that keeps you from reaching your dream? Can those limits be overcome realistically?

It starts with a dream. Growing anything starts with that seed that gets planted. Dreams are the seed that grows into a passion and from passion to purpose. Remember the dreams that captured your imagination as a child. Innocent dreams often come straight from the heart – and reflect the image of the person that you were created to become.

Meditate on the dreams and give room to the ones that can be nurtured to grow.

Share your dreams – in a story, a blog post, a poem or however you need to release their potential. Sharing dreams gives them life – let your dreams to grow a writer live and prosper!

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