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Sowing Seeds of Hope to Light Your Path

Sowing seeds of hope give you the opportunity for a harvest of light. What you plant, you grow. You harvest your tomorrow from the words and thoughts you scatter throughout your now. Plant seeds of hope to grow up a lighted path of possibilities.

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Dark after a storm becomes darker with dread and fear latched on to your heart.

After the tornado tore through the house, we stood in the dark and the rain trying to figure out what to do. We could text our neighbor, which provided a little bit of hope in the moment. We had our giant flashlight that could literally shine from our house to the road a half-mile away. It offered a little bit more hope. And we could see emergency workers, although we knew they couldn’t get to us yet.

We climbed out of the house and started around the backyard. Trees blocked our normal path, so we had to make a long way, skirting the ledge that overlooked the creek. When we finally made it down to the road, downed power lines blocked our path. We tried the emergency workers, but they were still unable to reach us. “Just wait,” the dispatcher told me.

That’s when our big light went out. That is also when we noticed the water coming up around our feet. The creek was on the rise, and we were more in the dark than we had been since we began hiking our way to safety.

Despite the dark, we had to get away from the rising water. We started working our way back up the road to cross the field to the neighbor’s property. More emergency workers were up there.

We did have a small camping lantern I had given as stocking stuffers one year, so it was only about five inches tall. Still, it provided enough light to see just ahead of us – which meant on more than one occasion, we had to backtrack because of another downed tree in the way.

Two hours later, with the help of the little lantern, we emerged into open field free from the debris.

Storms happen. No matter how well we plan or how much we prepare, the storms show up and knock things down. Sowing seeds of hope in your life and throughout your life, like a small lantern, will allow you to light your way through the storms.

points for sowing seeds of hope

Sowing Seeds of Hope

  • Define what works for you. It’s not hopeful to you or for you if it’s annoying. I never appreciated a coach that yelled at me. For me, yelling is never hopeful. When you define your seeds, then you will find those seeds work to grow up your hope.
  • Discover your seeds. Look out for little bits of peace and big win moments. They all seed hope in your life.
  • Disperse the seeds around you. Your words have power, and ultimately your words are your dispersal system. If you want hope around you, then be invested in spreading words of hope – written and spoken.
  • Desire the hope seeds. It doesn’t matter how many seeds are around you if you don’t want to have hope. Believe it or not, sometimes we prefer to be comfortable in our uncomfortable place instead of being challenged to move by hope. You have to want hope to find it and embrace it.
  • Differentiate between real and false seeds. Nothing hurts quite as bad as grabbing a fist full of ivy for a flower arrangement, only to discover too late that your ivy was of the poison variety. When it comes to hope seeds, learn to recognize the difference between the ones that bring you hope and the ones that lead you down a path of wishful thinking and squirrel chasing.

It only takes a little bit of hope to move you in the right direction. The little bits pile up and create big changes. It begins with a seed. Sowing seeds of hope will provide the light you need to live out your BIG DREAM goals.

Quote of the Day

“You harvest your tomorrow
from the words and thoughts
you scatter throughout your now.”
– Kathryn Lang

Sowing Seeds of HOPE - Quote of the Day

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