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Commit to Change to Be Productive

Choose Change to be Productive

I am not always productive.

My Saturdays waste way – untapped of their potential. I spend most of the time curled up in front of the television catching up on the week’s series or watching reruns of shows that I may have missed. Nothing happens but the passing of time.

Wednesday, I committed to doing those things that I know to do so I can get to the place I want to be. Today is Saturday once again. I am determined to live up to my commitment even if that means I have no idea what happened in the Abbey.

It has been easy – or at least easier than I thought it would be. I tucked myself away from electronics, leaving me plenty of time to think and meditate on more important things. I can focus on words, and that makes for a pretty productive morning.

Discovering the Path to Productive

    1. No interruptions – a day without distractions means a day with lots accomplished.

    2. No responsibility – when I am out, then I am not responsible. The kids are not going to come to me wondering about food, entertainment or who hit first. Alone is a place where mom does not have to know it all or do it all.

    3. More white noise – music or movies running in the background can become a distraction. Singing birds, running water or the breeze dancing in the leaves offers my mind somewhere to roam but not a distraction from the words that need to be written.

    4. Early to rise – the crack of dawn means nobody on Facebook for me to chat with, nobody awake to give me something to do, and plenty of opportunity to fill the pages with words overflowing. I get even more focused and excited as the sun rises up over the mountains.

Finding ways to make life more productive is important, but there is one thing that is even more important. I have to make the choice to do what I need to do. I have to make the choice to write the words. I have to make the choice not to chase down the distractions.

It all comes back around to my own choice. I must choose the right actions if I want to get the desired results. If I am not getting the results that I desire, then I must evaluate my actions and make the choice to change.

Are you committed to doing what needs to be done to get to where you want to be? How are you doing it? I would love to hear your stories of commitment and change. Share in a comment or link to your own post about change.

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