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How to Build Up Belief with an Unstoppable God

Building a belief that nothing can stop an unstoppable God requires investing daily in the right focus. The world will throw things at you, and if you don’t have a strong focus, you will begin to sink in the waves of the world.

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July 7, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Building a Belief So You Can Jump

You need the right focus to have a belief in doing what you set out to do. Knowing that the unstoppable God created you to do it is the first step to living out your possibilities. You can only do what you believe you can do.

I’ve dared to believe many things in my journey – especially when I was younger and nobody told me I couldn’t.

My uncle encouraged me to jump off of cliffs and bridges. I have a picture of us doing backflips side by side off of a bridge in Tennessee. It was during a youth trip white water rafting, and he was one of the chaperones. It’s always good to have responsible adults supervising.

I often joke that I never had a guardian angel – instead, I had a guardian battalion. When I remember these days and see pictures like these, I suspect I’m not too off the mark.

I never thought too much about jumping. I would look at the launching place, climb to the point, and then jump. I didn’t focus on the launching point once I got to the place where I needed to jump. I didn’t keep looking back to where I started. Once I got to the point, I just jumped.

People around me thought I had no fear – no fear about jumping then and no fear about walking my journey now – but the truth was (and is) that my stomach wadded up in knots every single time I started to climb to the point (or began to take a step). The belief that I could do it overcame the fear that attempted to well up in me.

The more that others depended on my ability to come through, the heavier the fear became. When it came time to step out in my purpose (and for my family), I didn’t – or maybe it was that I couldn’t despite my belief that I could. Fear hung so many “what ifs” over me that I stayed stuck – looking back, looking around, and doing just about anything but stepping.

A few months back, everything started to change. I embraced the “what if” scenarios.

What if I fell on my face? I would get scraped up, but it wouldn’t be fatal.
What if I couldn’t pay? I would have to find a different home, but I wouldn’t be homeless.
What if I got in over my head? I would have to rely on the fact that my Father would never let me sink below the waves.
What if?

The more I addressed the “what if” scenarios, the bolder I became, and nothing makes things happen as fast and as well as a heart bold in its unique purpose.

Nothing had changed around me. The circumstances had actually gotten more crazy on top of more crazy. I was back to that moment in my life where I believed beyond the fear, and that gave me the ability to jump.

Where are you? Are you tangled in the “what if” nets of fear? Dare to face them (maybe even embrace them), and you will break their ability to hold you back.

An Unstoppable God Breaks Back Fear

Fear hangs around, waiting to crush your dreams. Fear lies. Fear manipulates. Fear tries to create a shadow of truth so you stop believing. Light your candle and send fear back where it belongs.

  • Face the “what if” thoughts around you. One at a time, break them what ifs down to their ultimate results. Some of the results can be very bad, but there are rarely as bad as we have allowed fear to build them up to be.
  • Embrace focused flexibility. You have to be open to making adjustments as you go. A tree that doesn’t bend with the storms will be blown down by them. Bending, pivoting, and flexing doesn’t mean you give up. It just means you are adjusting to the moment as you continue to reach towards your ultimate BIG DREAM goals.
  • Hold tight to the belief that you can. What you believe is what you receive. Repeat what you believe, out loud, until you default to that belief. Write it out and post it where you will see it throughout the day. Make your belief as natural as breathing.

You can. You can fly. You can live your big dream goals. You can jump.

You begin breaking back fear when you build up your ability to believe in who you are designed to be and what you are purposed to live. How will you invest in knowing your unstoppable God today so that you grow the belief that you can?

Building an Attitude of Belief

What you believe creates what you receive. Dare to believe you can until you are bold enough to jump. Dare to believe you can until nothing can tell you that you can’t. Dare to create the belief that will propel you into all that you can be (and so much more than you ever imagined).

Get started today! Download your FREE Dare to Believe resource page today, and you are one step closer to flying into all of your possibilities.

Find Your Place

Quote of the Day

“Be determined. Hone your focus. Take intentional actions. Pursuing your unique design doesn’t happen by accident.” – Kathryn Lang

The power to live your possibilities resides in you. What will you do today to live out your unique design?

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 21 – 23
Judges 6 – 10
Job 13 – 14
Isaiah 25 – 28
Psalms 31 – 35

Scripture focus - Isaiah 25:1

Scripture Focus:

“You are my God. I will exalt and promote You. I will praise Your name and give thanks. You have worked wonders and the plan You made from the beginning of time have been fulfilled.” – from Isaiah 25:1

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