Wobbles Wreck the Way

I declared my goals. I took a stand and made a plan for my goals. I took bold and specific steps towards y goals.

I woke up the next morning with a sty – which for those of us without a clue is really an eyelash pimple – YES and EYELASH pimple. It forced me to spend the next two weeks applying compresses to my eye instead of actively pursuing my declared goals.

My sty was a wobble in my pursuit.

Anything that wobbles my walk will require that I invest in overcoming - no matter how big or small. Click To Tweet

I refocused and doubled down on my goals. I made a rededication for the goals (in case someone forgot in those two weeks of compresses). I met with other like-minded folks and shared with them going so far as to ask them to hold me accountable.

I walked away from that meeting right into the news that my cousin had killed herself. My well-crafted schedule was adjusted to deal with family situations.

The news was a shocking wobble in my journey.


I recommitted once again to reach my goals. I rearranged my schedule to make up for lost time. I began taking bold steps to once again get to where I was going.

My phone rang. Normally a call from my oldest while he is at camp is a request for funds. I was prepared for that call. I was not prepared for the call telling me that he and his younger brother were passengers in a car accident involving a tree OR that they were both being taken to the hospital by ambulance.

THAT was an intense wobble that got all up in my “mommy zone” and kicked me completely out of my pursuit of purpose.

Things are going to happen to attempt ti wreck my journey. I have to find my way to keep going despite what happens. Click To Tweet

It sometimes feels like the more I determine to focus on my purpose and the more diligent I am about turning towards the pursuit of my dreams, the more the wobbles manage to find me.

I KNOW I am not alone. I have seen it happen to my husband and to my children. I shared my chaotic interludes with my friends and coach, Karen Graves, and she told me that without fail when people make a bold declaration about life then forces move AGAINST that person to keep it from happening.

I see it now and now I am prepared (or at least I am aware) so that the wobbles will have more difficulty when it comes to knocking me off my determined path.

Be blessed,


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