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When You Want to Quit Take One More Step

When you want to quit take one more step. The momentum from the one step can propel you into the next step and before you know it you’re easin’ on down the road.

Today may only be day two of the November challenges, but yesterday took more out of me than I realized. It didn’t help that I woke up at 2 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I did go ahead and get started with my day, but then took a nap at 4 am.

I think I woke back up more tired than when I crawled back in the bed.

The awkward way I started my day would be enough to knock me off track. It wasn’t alone, though. The day came packed with enough distractions to make the squirrels run away screaming.

Things got done, but in little pieces that didn’t add up to what I wanted them to add up to.

I considered quitting. Obviously, I can’t get it done.

squirrel of Mass Distraction

Distracted by yet another activity not even remotely related to what I wanted to get done, I began to wrap up for the night. As I was closing down the dozens of windows I had opened during the day – which might account for some of my distractions – I came across a fellow “obviously, I can’t get it done” challenge attempter.

She had thought about quitting and then realized there would always be an excuse. If she wanted to get it done she would have to do it. So she sat down, focused, and hit her goals for the day.

Attitude changes focus

I can too – if only I will.

Take One More Step

  • One more step can be one more thing – taking an action as simple as picking up the blanket on the floor as you walk by, or writing one more article before calling it a night. One thing. You can always do one thing.
  • One more step can be a little more investment – a few dollars, a few moments, or a few movements. A few here and a few there will end up being a lot.
  • One more step can be one less distraction – there is always something else that can take the focus away. Letting those distractions go will make room (and energy) for the one more step.

There is time to do what you want to do. There are the resources to get it done. There is the opportunity to step and keep stepping.

The key is to do it. It is both that simple and that challenging. The question isn’t can you do it, the question is will you?

Now excuse me while I stretch, turn off the headphones, and write until the clock strikes midnight so I can hit my goals.

Be blessed,
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