Reaching Out to Grow Relationships and My Success

You can always find a reason not to do what you need to do. Click To Tweet

I had a dozen reasons in my toolbox for why I should say no. They all made sense as to why I would not be able to do it. Each excuse provided a foundation on its own, but combined they made for a rock solid “get out of commitment” card.

I looked at those reasons . . . and then I said yes.

Several months back, I was talking to someone about a situation in our community. “You should run for office if your feelings are that strong.” I shook my head, because my mom was in local office and my feelings will never be that strong.

But his words got me thinking. It is far easier to offer up my concerns or even my suggestions than it is to get in and get my hands dirty. I have to be willing to do more if I want to be more than I am at this moment. I have to be willing to reach out if I am going to break out of where I am. I have to be willing to be a part of something if I want to move beyond just me.

Reasons to Say Yes

  1. It fits within the vision and mission you have set for your life – because I am going on the assumption that you have taken the time to set up a plan for your journey. When something fits within the realm of this prior plan, but then it should be considered.
  2. It has specific goals and objectives set up ahead of time. I have been asked to be on boards where all we did was talk for hours each month. Nothing got accomplished and I came away feeling frustrated, angry, and disappointed – for me and for the organization. An opportunity with set goals, jobs, and timeline can be the best way to get involved.
  3. It will accomplish more than the specified task. You can be a help to others and still be putting elements in place for your own journey. By that, I mean that through the commitment, I also make connections. Once that commitment passes, then you grow those connections for your own journey. Reaching out to others and for others will help you in your own journey. Click To Tweet
  4. It will NOT take away from your current commitment or focus. You need to get involved, but not at the cost of your own journey.

Getting to where I want to be requires movement. Reaching out and being a part of other events, activities or organizations can push me into that needed movement. I may have a reason not to do something, but I need to balance the reasons against with the opportunities and benefits of being a part of it.

Be blessed,


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