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How to Change Your Attitude With Simple Adjustments

You need to change your attitude if you are going to change your world. With all the negatives bombarding you each day, you need to find a way to make that attitude adjustment.

You may not be in a position to change your circumstances, but your attitude adjustment will allow you to change within your circumstances (and that will be the difference that gets you through).

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

March 17, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Change Your Attitude With Simple Adjustments
The news didn’t change overnight. If anything, it had spiraled into more dire reporting. I keep having flashes of Mrs. Packard from the cartoon, Atlantis.

I started the morning with my normal focus. Each day I read several sections of Scripture (broken down so the readings take me through the Bible every three months). The readings were followed by Thom Rigsby – the Unashamed Non-Conformist and his daily business inspiration. https://www.facebook.com/thomrigsbycoaching/ And since everyone is home, for the time being, I made breakfast.

But the news didn’t change while all of that was going on.

I’m blessed with a social media feed full of #snarkyrainbows and witty writers. Although the news does all it can to crowd them out, they are determined to find the positive and share the hope.

Sandra had me laughing out loud when she shared her shopping adventures. My comment led her to comment “bibbity bobbity boo” which lead me to have the song stuck in my head (but hopefully sharing with you will make it go away).

Despite all of the negatives, my day was bright. Despite the clouds and the rain, I could sense the sun. Despite the woes, the hope stood out.

The news hadn’t changed, but my attitude had shifted. A little sharing of hope from a friend, a little focus on others, a little dash of the Word all led me to face the next moment with a heart of hope.

You have no control over the news. You have no control over what others do. But when you change your attitude you will change your world.

Change Your Attitude

  • Let go of what you can’t change. You do want to be aware of what’s going on, but you don’t want to be controlled by outside forces. If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude in the situation.
  • Make the most of what you can do. If you are home with the children or the spouse or everyone in the family, look for what you can do with the time together. Go through all the photos and label them. Create albums of memories. Do all those things you’ve said you would do when you have the time to do it.
  • Think ahead. Do a little bit more now so that you will be prepared down the road. Now is the perfect time to plant a garden – even if it’s only a container garden. Planting and growing also make for fun family feats.
  • Counter the negatives. For every news report, you watch, share ten punny jokes or kitten videos (or whatever makes for a smile). Feed the good, the positive, and the uplifting and that is what will grow.
  • Accept what you can’t do. Worrying over things you can’t do won’t change what you can’t do. It will add to the weight of what you can’t do, but it won’t change them. The moment you choose to accept your limitations, you free up your energy to flow into things you can do.

There may be more “woe is me” moments around you than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to them. If you choose to change your attitude and to turn your attitude into the possibilities then no matter the circumstances your attitude will change your world.

How will you change your attitude today?

Attitude Adjustment

The best attitude grows up from encouragement, but when you are struggling with a negative overdose it can be tough to find the encouragement you need to make an attitude adjustment.

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - attitude adjustment

Attitude Adjustment

Be knowledgeable but not overwhelmed.
Make the most of what you can do.
Think ahead.
Counter the negatives.
Accept what you can’t do.

You can’t change yesterday. You can change others. You can’t always change circumstances. You can change your attitude. When you make your attitude adjustment then you make a way to change your world.

Quote of the Day

“You don’t need all the answers. You only need one.” – Kathryn Lang

#QuoteoftheDay - need only one answer

What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 17
Galatians 4 – 6
Revelations 1 – 2
Luke 4 – 6

Scripture Focus - Galatians 6:7

Scripture Focus:

“Whatever a man sows, that is what the man will reap.” – from Galatians 6:7

Ponder Point:

If you want to grow up a crop of possibility and positives then you need to be invested in sowing what you desire to reap.

Share Moment:

What did you sow yesterday and what will you determine to sow today?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

Circumstances will lock you into a mindset and a moment. The Scripture tells us that we are a slave to what controls us or to what we have entangled ourselves in.

Are you a slave? How does society teach you to live as a slave?

Bible Study Question - live as a slave

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