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Not everyone will like me. That concept still shocks me.

I can try all I want to make everyone like me, but there will always be a few that refuse to get in line. That is life – and I have to learn to be okay with the reality that not everyone will like me.

It is up to me to invest in the relationships in my life – but it is not up to me to make everyone like me. Learning to understand that it is not personal can help me accept this reality.

Accepting that Not Everyone Will Like Me

    1. We all have different personalities and not of them get along.

    2. We all have different interests and that’s okay.

    3. We all experienced and embraced different traditions and customs. My normal will not be your normal.

    4. We all have different likes and different dislikes and they may be opposite each other.

    5. We all have a determined focus or a needed focus and those focuses can be going towards different focuses.

The fact that not everyone likes me is not a personal thing – because I am amazing, right? There can be some minor differences or major differences that keep us from locking into that place of “Like.” The good news is this journey and relationships in general are not about “liking” but about the choice to love.

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