The Radical Way to Create Incredible Results

Sometimes you need to be pushed in a radical way to create incredible results. The first day of November is almost in the books. There are a few hours remaining, but I intend to watch those through my eyelids.

Radical Way to Create Incredible Results

This year I have determined to do more. November offers a plethora of challenges for writing, podcasting, blogging, art, health . . . just rename it the month of challenges. I’ve been taking part in National Novel Writing Month for the last few years. I’ve tried to do a few projects on more than one occasion. Last year, I created the “Have You Lost Your Mind” challenge – which was just a compilation of several other challenges.

Life got in the way.

Once I let life get in the way, I didn’t move it out of the way.

I’m using November to reclaim my way and to take back control.

One day in, I was ready to quit. Doing more can be hard. Doing more can be painful. Doing more can require sacrifice.

I had to remind myself on more than one occasion that I’m only doing this for thirty days. I can do hard and painful things for thirty days – especially if I know that taking these purposeful actions will set me up for so much more.

You will have to take the action if you want to make the change. You will have to have the change if you want to be somewhere other than where you are.

It’s not too late to jump in and be a part of the journey. If you don’t see a challenge that moves you forward in your purpose then make up your own. I created the DrawIn30Days (using the book “You Can Draw In 30Days” – I know, it’s amazing how I come up with these ideas). The point is not what challenge you take on but that you take on the challenge to be more.

Challenge to Be More

  1. Get accountability – the reason November is perfect is because it comes with built-in accountability.
  2. Get focused – what do you want to do or what have you wanted to do. Let the challenges you take on begin to move you closer to all you desire to achieve.
  3. Set a finish line – November is only 30 days . . . it is possible to do anything for thirty days if you want to do it.
  4. Challenge yourself. When you are challenged to step beyond where you are then you position yourself to launch into all of your possibilities.

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