Make it Work Moment – Day Seven

Yesterday the only thing close to a make it work moment occurred when I made a nap work into my schedule. It was just one of those days.

It turns out that making something work – taking on that next challenge – EVERY SINGLE DAY is not as easy as it sounded when I first thought it up.

But I push on.

This morning, I was scheduled to speak at an all-day event, but it was postponed at the last minute. That meant I had all day to work on my websites, and my writing, and my marketing tasks that I had set up for the week.

Of course, that’s not what I did. Instead I told my youngest son to clean his room and in a make it work/DIY fit, I determined that RIGHT NOW was when we – and this is a collective we because I am making everyone work on it – are going to turn the youngest son’s twin bed into a loft bed so that he will have more room in this tiny space that we call his.

My older boys are thrilled with the prospect that what they had planned (albeit NOTHING) has been interrupted for my new project.

However, I know that my middle son has a knack for repurposing and building and my older son has a natural knack for organization, so here we go.


First, almost everything needed to come out of the youngest son’s room – in part because it was that time again. Around here, that time is when I go into the room and sweep everything up in a pile and the room owner has until I return to put said pile in a new home (or existing home) before I come back and sweep the pile up into the garbage.

Next, my middle son came up with a plan to take two 2×4’s and make a “leg” out of them which will cover one of the existing legs – and then to repeat it four times. He also wanted to add runners along the ends and the back to give it more stability (I suggested corner braces for the same reason).

These stilts – as my middle son declared – should give us the height we need to slide the dresser drawers and the shelves up under the bed – making it easier to my son to reach his shelves. It will also give him more open space in his room while also creating a small “fort” under the bed.


We had to work as a team – which is ALWAYS a good thing – or a way to challenge our love and affection for each other. Sometimes I forget which.

Whatever the case, it took four hours and about $35.00 to bring my youngest son’s plan to life – minus the slide. But that is for another day.

How do you make it work?

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