Little by Little Reached Success

It would be easy to just crawl in bed and call it a night. I have accomplished a lot today, and this despite the fact that all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed first thing this morning.

I would be justified in giving up for the night. I have been going and doing almost since the break of dawn. The day has been packed with classes, activities, and meetings – all leading me one step closer to where I am supposed to be.

Nobody would say anything about me stopping for the night. Nobody would complain because I had wasted my time. Nobody would whine because I had not done my fair share.

I have. I did.

And yet, I will not go on to bed right now.

I blame the 10 Minute Novelist Facebook group. They are directly responsible for my desire to put words down before I can finish my day. They challenged me to write 365,000 words in one year. I committed to the challenge.

[tweetthis]Encouragement provides the momentum I need to take that next step when I want to give up and go home[/tweetthis]

Their encouragement drives me to do a little more than I might have done otherwise – or maybe a LOT more than I would have done. Their support reminds me that I can do more than I ever imagined possible, if bit by bit I will just keep doing what I know to do. Their ideas remind me that it can be a little piled on top of a little that builds my success. I no longer have to do it all at once (or all right now).

A side effect of all this encouragement and support has been my own decision to be more radical in what I do. I have invested in the words each and every day – some days way more and some days way less – but every day something.

That is why I sit here now, sharing my journey, when I could be crawling under the covers into the a peaceful night of sleeping. Instead, I write. I write not because I have to or because I have been challenged. I write because the challenge inspired me to go beyond where I have been to so much more.

[tweetthis]Little by little will create big changes when paired with persistent consistency[/tweetthis]

I know that if I will keep investing a little more, then little by little (or sometimes a lot by a lot), I will reach that success that I have pictured for my life.

Be blessed,


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