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Facing Fear and the Tale of the Massive Pants Stealing Spider

Fear is a liar – that’s what I’ve been told. That’s what I believe, mainly because I believe more in the promises than in the delusions often painted by fear.

You need to stand bold and face fear and tell it to go away . . .

Unless fear comes in the form of a massive spider trying to steal your pants first thing in the morning – then you need to call for reinforcements.

This morning, I woke up before the sun as I am prone to do. I went into the bathroom to get dressed because I don’t want the light to disturb my husband, not that anything can disturb him when he’s sleeping but I’m still considerate like that.

I reached to grab my lounge pants, which I leave in the bathroom when I get dressed for work each day, and there was a massive spider already claiming said pants.

I like your pants
“Good morning. I like your pants.”

Did I happen to mention I wasn’t yet dressed for the day – I mean, AT ALL!

“Honey, are you awake?” I called softly from the bathroom to my darling, sleeping spouse.

“Yes?” I wasn’t sure if he was questioning why I was asking or if he was questioning whether or not he was awake.

“I’m going to need your assistance, please.” And then I had another thought. “You’ll need your glasses.”

It wasn’t that I thought he would need his glasses to see the spider. I was quite certain he could see the spider from the other room. I knew he was going to need his glasses to see how he could rescue me from my current predicament.

“Oh, and don’t scare him over at me.” I also added because the last thing I wanted was for an angry massive spider to run at me because someone else disturbed him.

Did I mention I wasn’t yet dressed for the day – AT ALL!

My husband slowly opened the bathroom door, just a crack. “Wow. He’s a big one.”

“Yes. Yes, he is.”

My husband left me alone, in a staredown with the massive spider trying to steal my pants. I managed to get partway dressed and then found a way to perch above the floor using an open drawer and the back of the toilet.

I wasn’t taking a chance that Jerry, the moniker my son gave the massive pants stealing spider, was going to dart across the room and attack.

Facing Fear

pants stealing spider
This is a QUART mason jar and the spider fills the bottom!

My husband finally returned with a to-go cup, coaxed Jerry – the massive pants stealing spider – inside the cup, and left me to get dressed.

Any idea how difficult it was for me to put on my lounge pants after that incident?

Which brings me back to fear and how it convinces us that what isn’t is.

I knew from previous experiences with massive spiders that they are lone spiders. They don’t travel in packs – despite being called wolf spiders. Yet even knowing this, I still beat those pants senseless (not that I believe my pants have sense, but if there had been any other spiders inside I can guarantee you they would not have been conscious when I was finished).

Up close with Jerry the pants stealing spider
Meet Jerry – the pants stealing spider.

Even knowing what I knew about the spiders and even having taken the extra step of beating up my pants, I still hesitated.

Fear does that. It tricks you into hesitating when you know, deep down in your knower, that God has already cleared the way.

Fear is a liar – even when fear follows the way of a massive pants stealing spider.

Stand strong. Look fear in the eyes and tell it you don’t believe what it’s selling. And if that doesn’t work, just call out to God and let Him know you might need a little extra assistance this morning. He knows what to do with fear and He won’t have to get a to-go cup to get it done.

Be blessed,
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