Step Two for Becoming Focused – Make a Map

Reading the map for life purpose
I need a plan. Too many distractions are making their way into my days and turning my productivity into procrastination. I have always been one that enjoyed the journey, but it sure would be nice to recognize a squirrel for what it is when it first shows up. The only way I can even know the distractions is to know the destination and that takes a map.

Crafting a Map for My Purpose

    1. I am uniquely formed for my purpose with specific interests, talents and personality traits. Stepping back and looking at how I am woven together can help me know the who I was crafted to be originally. Asking three to five other people to write down my gifts, talents and abilities can also help me gain some perspective.

    2. My main purpose (after loving God and loving others) can be made up of more than one item. I know that I am an encourager, but that can take on many forms. My three corner stones (cool that it is three now that I look at it) are to help others form and grow a personal relationship with God through Christ, then to discover the unique purposeful passion for life, and then to pursue that passion with boldness.

    3. My goals and objectives should be pointed in the direction of one of the branches from my main purpose. The actions and activities that take my time should be enhancing that main purpose instead of drawing from it.

    4. Other opportunities might arise and I might follow but they should enhance that main purpose and never become the focal point. The number of irons in the fire is not as important as the amount of heat that fire is producing. I need to keep the fire stoked so that it burns strong enough to meet the purpose for which it was designed.

My map needs a little work. Currently, it is one word with three bullet points under it and circled. Three more bullet points are under that circle. These are the items that make up my map, but at least now I have something written down that might give me the tools to recognize the squirrels of my life and keep me more focused on my purpose.

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