Delusion or Dream for a Writing Career

Beyond a world of just rainbows and lollipops - past delusion to living in the dream.
“You live in a world of rainbows and lollipops while the rest of us have to live in reality.” I think the comment was directed in frustration at my optimistic outlook on life. I am the one that can LITERALLY find the silver lining in and through the storms. We just spent the last five months living through the turmoil, chaos and aftermath of the tornadoes that tore through Alabama in April. We survived and I would dare say that we even thrived through the moments.

Still, there is some foundation to what he was saying to me. I have talked to people about following their dreams, but spent my time living in the IDEA of following my own dreams. Dreams without action are just delusions keeping us from doing what we were designed to do.

Learn to Recognize Delusion and Follow the Dream

– Delusion will keep you focused on the planning while you sit in the chair staring out at the approaching tomorrow.
– Dreams will draw you to take action that results in that next step that will land you just a little closer.

– Delusion comes through a fog where it can almost be seen but never gives a clear image.
– Dreams are locked into the mind and refuse to twist, turn or budge because they NEED to be reality.

– Delusion almost makes sense but never quite works out the way it says it will.
– Dreams have vision, goals, and objectives that will allow the dream to move into that desired reality.

Dare to dream, but refuse to be locked into a delusion. See the possibilities and then go beyond that point to the place that your heart truly seeks. My dreams defeat the delusions the moment I am willing to dare to take the chance to put the action behind them and push them to the place where I can live in those dreams.

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  1. It is so easy for us to live in the delusion that we are actually making progress towards our goals and dreams. It is like you mention… ‘focused on the planning while you sit in the chair staring out at the approaching tomorrow’ Why do we do this to ourselves? What is holding us back? What keeps most peoples dreams left in side of them unfulfilled when the die? Sometimes you just have to take the chance and action to move forward. Leap without knowing where you are going to fall. Get Er’ Done! Just DO IT! Your dreams are in you for the purpose to be fulfilled in this reality. What are you going to do today to move one step towards them?

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