31 Day Challenge – Day 24 Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Satisfaction filled almost every moment of my day yesterday. The knowledge that I have been consistent for over three weeks just filled my heart with a peace overflowing. I smiled more. I was more willing to stop what I was doing and help out others. And I had fewer expectations of others (which leads to fewer let downs).

Things did not have to be perfect for me to feel satisfied. Things did not even have to be going the way I wanted them to go. My satisfaction came from an inward peace and that satisfaction needs no outside influence (and can not be hindered by outside influence either).

3 Tips to Finding Inward Satisfaction

    1. Start the day with a time with God. It doesn’t have to be long but it does need to be just you and Him. I take a walk most mornings and watch the sun begin to break over the trees.

    2. Just keep pushing. If you have never read P.U.S.H. then find it and read it now. All God tells the man to do is to push the rock, not to move the rock. There are things, problems and people in your life that you will never move. God will have to handle that. All that He has asked is that you P.U.S.H.

    3. Do more but expect less. I still have faith that my hopes and dreams are on their way to fruition. I do not expect certain outcomes from my actions. I do not expect certain actions from my family or friends. I just keep doing and let God handle the expectations.

There is one theme that I have found weaved through all of my doings these last few weeks and that is God. If God is at the center of all that I am doing, pursuing or trying then satisfaction is guaranteed!

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