Get Lost in Love with “Seaside Letters” by Denise Hunter

Denise Hunter crafts a story that grabs you from the first word and does not let you go even after you close the book at the end. Her heart warming tale of hope and redemption in “Seaside Letters” will have you caught in the grasp of inspiration and motivation.

Sabrina Kincaid runs off to Nantucket to hide from the pain of her past. She is closed off to every one and every thing and has chosen to be alone rather than face the pain. The internet opens her heart to a stranger who turns out not to be quite so strange. He is the same man she serves coffee every day at her job.

She reveals her heart online but is unable to expose herself in real life. She hides her emotions from him each day. But the man that she loves online is also hiding something from Sabrina.

“Seaside Letters” carries you through the struggles that Sabrina Kincaid has faced and is currently facing. Sabrina is able to see the control fear has on the lives around her and through those lives she begins to recognize the fear in her own life.

This is one book that I could not put down after I started reading. The story flows easily and makes for a wonderful read. I look forward to reading more of the stories crafted by Denise Hunter.

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