Embrace the Follow Me Path: 3 Simple But Challenging Tips

Jesus said, “Follow Me.” It’s not a complicated directive overflowing with micro implications. It was then and is today a simple truth.

Follow Me.

I took my walk, as I’ve been known to do, to enjoy the fresh air (and get away from the people inside). I like these times because I am free to talk with God.

When we lived out in the woods, it could walk and talk with God for hours. I might even yell, or cry, or both at the same time. Now that we live in the city, I don’t get to walk and talk as freely. Instead, I randomly take out my phone so the people watching (and I always assume someone is watching now) will think that I’m on the phone.

I haven’t figured out a way to excuse the random twirling and dancing, but that’s for another day.

On this day, I was focused on sharing with God my brilliant plan. I should say I wasn’t out to talk with God as much as I was out to talk AT God. I was going to tell Him what was what. I had developed a BIG DREAM plan that I couldn’t wait to tell Him all about.

After I poured out all the details and was quite proud of myself, I added something along the lines of, “thank you for your blessing.” 

I had forgotten all about the simple direction.

Follow Me.

Instead of following God’s lead, I was doing all I could to get God to go along with me and my plan. I was trying my best to convince Him that I had the answers. I was investing my energy to prove that I knew what was best.

You can stop laughing. Even I get how silly my attitude was. The One who created it all doesn’t need my help with this blip of a moment.

We are told to plan, but we are also told that it’s God’s way that will prevail. 

Count the cost of the battle, but don’t enter the battle alone. Take time to affirm the battle and confirm God’s direction for the battle before you march into war.

Follow Me.

When I look at it through the lens of these two words, it pulls me up short. I’m invested in complex equations and convoluted explanations when all I have to do is follow.

Follow me
I’m invested in 
complex equations and convoluted explanations when all I have to do 
is follow.

“I’m invested in complex equations and convoluted explanations when all I have to do is follow.”

– Kathryn Lang

Embrace the Follow Me Path

Start with God

I was not a morning person that I can ever remember – especially during school. And there are those nights when the night owl wins and I stay up until sunrise and then catch a few hours of sleep before lunch. 

No matter when I start my day, I have learned that if I begin that day with the Word and in the Word it will make a difference in how my day goes. When I start with a focus on God – reading Scripture, praying about my day and for others, or delving deeper into a personal relationship with God – then I’m in a better position to heed the directive – FOLLOW ME.

Be Focused But Flexible

I may have mentioned my penchant for stubbornness (and if I haven’t, my husband will enthusiastically explain if you call him). For the longest time, I wanted my way – the way I pictured it and the way I planned it. After I got my driver’s license, I would just drive for the joy of driving – and to enjoy the landscapes. It wasn’t a matter of going places, but simply enjoying the journey.

Slowly, I’ve learned to replace my stubbornness for having it my way with my joy of the drive. I began to see that I could stay focused on my endpoint but be flexible enough to pivot around to get there. Focused but flexible makes way for the FOLLOW ME obedience.


They say you have two ears and one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you talk. I just took it as a challenge that I needed to talk twice as much so I could catch up. 

But it turns out that when you are busy talking, you can’t hear others. Not only do you limit their ability to speak (or to be heard), but you can’t listen to what they are saying (with their words or their actions). 

If I don’t stop talking long enough to listen, I never recognize the Still Small Voice or the Godwinks directing me in the right direction. I have to practice listening to hear the FOLLOW ME design.

The Path of Follow Me
1. Start with God.
2. Be focused but flexible.
3. Listen.

It’s not always easy. Our habits and inclinations drive us to do what we want to do – that is until we practice doing for others. Just ask the parents of a newborn (or a new puppy) how their habits have changed to invest in the new others in their lives. When we put the focus on someone outside of us then the habits and inclinations change.

Invest in God. Be willing to pivot when necessary. Listen for the Still Small Voice. The directive really is simple to follow, if you will.

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  • Always love your insights and how you so artfully place the dagger in the exact right spot to kill my own shortcomings without harming any of the good stuff.