Define Your Success: 5 Points You Need to Address

You have to define your success to live your BIG DREAMS. If you don’t take the time to define your success then you give the world permission to define it for you – and you DON’T want the world defining anything for you.

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We continue to build up radical and intentionally by defining success based on our unique place, talents, abilities, and even personalities. If you don’t keep your eyes on your path, you’ll end up in a ditch. And you keep that focus by defining the success that will keep your actions intentional.

World Defined Success

The world tells you that success is more money, more fame, more power, more . . . something. The details of the world’s definition of success may change based on how bad the world wants you to feel at that moment.

But the world will never choose a definition that will live up to what you are uniquely designed to be.

Defining Unique Success

You need to define your success or you give the world permission to define success for you. Too often, the world doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Even when the one that defines your success for you does have your best interests at heart – when it’s someone who loves and supports you – they are still coming from a place that isn’t your uniqueness. They have skewed perspectives.

The world (and people) want what they want, not necessarily what you need.

The people around you (even the people that care about you, only see the surface and not the hungry heartseed waiting to bloom up from inside you.

Only you have the power to define your success because only you can truly know yourself. 

– Kathryn Lang

#QuoteoftheDay - Define Your Success

See, it’s true, with great power does come great responsibility.

It turns out that you are responsible for making the choices to live your best life. You are responsible for taking intentional actions with consistency. And you even have to take the time and effort to define success.

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1. Determine where you want to be.

Defining your success starts with determining YOUR endpoint. So, tell us what you want – what you REALLY REALLY want.

2. Define why you want to be there.

Your why matters. You were put here on this earth for such a time as this because the world needs you – your unique voice and your unique focus. 

  • If you’re only doing it to make money, you’ll burn out.
  • If your’re only doing it because you want to make someone else proud or happy or grateful, you’ll burn out.
  • If you’re only doing it because it’s what everyone else is doing, you’ll burn out.

You have to dig down to the very core of why you want it.

3. Examine the value of your doing.

Take the time to examine the value of what your doing – will it really matter? When you look back, will you think you’ve done well or will you be wishing you had done more?

4. Is it your heartseed or someone else’s box?

The more you know you, the better you can determine if your goals are yours or if they are built by someone else.

5. Let go of the rest of the stuff.

We all get 24 hours a day – no more and no less. But when we fill the day with all the other stuff then we lose the chance to invest in our defined success. Letting it go is how you live your success with intention. 

Define Your Success

An intentional life lived pursuing uniquely defined success will be radical. But you can’t get that place if you are following someone else’s definition. If you are going to make your way then you have to take the time to define your success.

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