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Growing HOPE Podcast Shares Thoughts on Encouragement

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Building natural encouragement doesn’t come naturally to everyone – and it doesn’t always come naturally to those that are born natural encouragers.

Like anything else, encouragement needs to be done regularly if it’s going to be natural.

And we need to be natural encouragers, even if when natural encouragement is learned and not . . . well, natural. It’s the practice that makes it possible.

Growing Encouragement

We all need encouragement though and when we give encouragement it can be the exact moment someone needed it more than you could ever imagine. Even when someone is a natural encourager, she needs encouragement to keep going (more so on some days than on others, but still she needs a boost now and again).

If you are going to grow up a habit of encouragement you will need to change the actions you take to reflect an encouragement spirit. If you are going to change your actions then you will need to adjust your mind (by guarding your eyes and ears and weeding your heart).

5 Steps for Growing Encouragement

    Take steps for growing encouragement

  • Look for encouragement – the more you look for something the more you will see what you are looking to find.
  • Discover enjoyment – find your way to have fun in your day.
  • Speak words of life – positive words fuel possibility living.

  • Develop a heart of comfort – be prepared to comfort the people you encounter and look for the opportunities to be an unexpected comfort.

  • Build motivation – invest in the things, the people, and the events that grow motivation for you so that you are prepared to share motivation.

Natural encouragement starts with a mindset of courage. You get to the place where the possibility is your default position. Living out a life encouraged requires you choose to see the hope, the Light, and the Son.

Be blessed,
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  • Hi Kathryn
    It is indeed a great joy to found you a like minded person on the vast ocean called internet.
    I found you tday via one of my friends’twitter page. Happy to connect.
    A well thought out snippets, happy to read about encouragement. I fully agree with you that like anything else encouragement needs to be done regularly if it’s going to be natural.
    Yes we need to be like Timothy the Bible character the encourager.
    Thanks for this shout out.
    Keep sharing
    Have a great time of sharing and blessin ahead.
    Best Regards

    • Being an encouragement sets the stage for growing an encouraged world! Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to stop in. I look forward to learning more about your journey of encouragement.

      Have a blessed day,