Relationship Foundations – Five – Be Positive

Relationship foundations are strongest when set on a positive foundation, but seeking out the positive and the possibilities to build those foundations takes practice.

Be Positive to Build Relationship Foundations

    1. See it from a different perspective. I need to choose to try and view the moment from the eyes of the other person. I know I am not them, but if I try to walk in their shoes then I may see something I would have missed.

    2. Go from problem into a possibility. I may not can find a positive, but I can manage the problem, find a way around the problem, or maybe just push on through and create a possibility out of it.

    3. Grasp hold of the little things. Even a little positive had the potential to bloom into something amazing.

    4. Look beyond the storm. See that the sun is shining, or the tomorrow is on the way, or that you are not alone.

    5. Refuse to go there – refuse to step into the mud, to become infected with PLOM disease, or to just get tangled up in the whine.

People prefer to be around positive people because the positive energy produces hope in the hearts it encounters. When I make a point to be positive then I help to establish that solid foundation for growing relationships.

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Relationship Foundations – Be Positive

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